Can ChatGPT Properly Solve Your Complex Excel Spreadsheet Problems?

Can ChatGPT Properly Solve Your Complex Excel Spreadsheet Problems?

🤔 Can you skyrocket your productivity with ChatGPT? See what happens when I copy & paste YOUR complex Excel questions from YouTube into ChatGPT. Do you think it will give you the right answer? Let’s find out what Chat GPT is capable of. Can it properly solve complex Microsoft Excel spreadsheet problems?
What is chatgpt? Chat GPT, the new, viral AI chatbot by Openai is a type of artificial intelligence that can understand and generate natural language text. You’ll learn how to use it for Excel formulas and how to even make it write VBA code for your Excel macros.
I’ll also show you how to use ChatGPT and how you can modify your questions to get better answers.

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00:00 How to Use ChatGPT with Excel
00:52 Write Excel Formula with ChatGPT
05:06 Data Validation
08:42 Nested IF Formulas with ChatGPT
12:42 Writing VBA Code
17:14 Wrap Up

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