How to Use AI ChatGPT to Write Excel Macros

How to Use AI ChatGPT to Write Excel Macros

In this tutorial, we will show you how to use AI ChatGPT to write Excel macros. First, we will go over a sample macro plan. Next, we will show you how to make a request to AI using ChatGPT. Then we will show you what to do with the Microsoft Excel code and how to test it. Hopefully you will see what a powerful tool ChatGPT can be for helping you learn how to write your own Micrsoft Excel macros!

Learn How to Use ChatGPT in Under 5 Minutes Time Stamps ⌚

00:00 – Introduction to How to Use AI ChatGPT to Write Excel Macros
00:26 – Excel Macro Description
01:12 – How to Use AI – ChatGPT to Write an Excel Macro
01:50 – Viewing ChatGPT’s Response
02:15 – How to Copy the Code to Microsoft Excel and Edit It
04:51 – Testing the AI ChatGPT Code in Microsoft Excel
05:21 – Conclusion for How to Use AI ChatGPT to Write Excel Macros


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