Can ChatGPT Automate Spreadsheets?

Can ChatGPT Automate Spreadsheets?

Can ChatGPT code Google Apps Script? Well it seems like it did.

Learn how to use chat GPT to automate your Google Sheets with this video tutorial! In this video, we’ll go through the process of using chat GPT to create a Google Sheet add-on called tiny sheets, which allows you to create small sheets with just one cell and also delete all rows and columns without data. Plus, we’ll show you how to read and decode the code that chat GPT generates and how to use it in your sheets. Want to learn more about automating Google Sheets? Check out our course on Udemy, Spreadsheet Automation 101, where we cover everything you need to know about reading and writing app script and using triggers to automate your sheets.

Spreadsheet Automation 101:
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