How to: Connect Open AI (GPT-3) to Google Sheets

How to: Connect Open AI (GPT-3) to Google Sheets

Build your own AI content generator inside Google Sheets. Connect OpenAI’s GPT-3 natural language processing algorithms directly into your spreadsheet.

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Table of Contents:
0:28 What you’ll need to start
1:30 Steps to setup Gpt-3 in a Google Sheet
1:42 Create your spreadsheet
2:05 Copy the API connector code
2:19 Add the App Script code to your sheet
3:09 Update the API Secret Key
3:30 Create a new OpenAI key
4:23 The function to access GpT-3
4:42 How much will this cost?
5:03 What is the temperature?
5:39 Generating content in the spreadsheet
6:29 Improving your AI generated content
7:24 Closing thoughts and notes

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