Asking ChatGPT Impossible Medical Questions

  • 2023.02.06
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Asking ChatGPT Impossible Medical Questions

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ChatGPT and other AI tech is everywhere these days, and it’s making me a little nervous about my future in medicine. I wanted to see if these AI text products were capable of answering not just straightforward medical questions, but nuanced ethical medical dilemmas I remember being asked about during my med school interviews. The results were fascinating. Let me know down below if there are any other questions I should have asked or if there’s anything you’ve asked ChatGPT that tripped it up as well!

00:00 Intro
00:16 Chest Compressions
01:03 Tap Water
02:05 Cracking Knuckles
02:39 Best YouTube Doctor
03:14 Cervical Biopsy
03:55 Diabetes
04:16 Showering
04:35 Diet Soda
06:00 Trolley Problem
07:13 Impossible Question
08:17 AI Replacing Doctors
09:07 NordVPN

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