I Built a Sports Betting Bot with ChatGPT

I Built a Sports Betting Bot with ChatGPT

I gave ChatGPT $2000 to make sports bets with and in this video i’ll explain how we built the sports betting bot and whether it lost it all or made a potential total of $9,049.44 after 24 hours. First, a disclaimer – Do NOT invest any money in any type of sports betting bot or algorithmic engine that you are not willing to lose. I gave this sports betting bot money because I was willing to lose money to make a great video for my AI Wizards out there. To be exact, it was $1915.73 after transaction & conversion fees, which it used to bet on NBA teams that it predicted to win. Each week i’m learning more on how to optimally prompt ChatGPT to help me build MVPs, and it’s a skill i’d like us all to learn, which is why i made this video. The tools used in this tutorial are the The Odds API for live sports data, Python for Programming, the Twitter API for Sentiment Analysis, PyTorch for Deep Learning, and Vercel for live deployment. Let me know what you think in the comments and I hope you have a great day today. Enjoy!

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