New GPT-4o Voices & More AI Use Cases

  • 2024.06.08
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New GPT-4o Voices & More AI Use Cases

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In this video I’ll cover everything that came out in the AI world you can start putting to work today. There were a ton of huge updates to AI audio tools like ElevenLabs and Udio, plus Scale gave us a brand new way to rank the top AI models.



0:00 What’s New?
0:27 AI Voice Assistants
2:19 ChatGPT New Feature
2:59 Project G-Assist
3:43 ElevenLabs Sound Effects
5:49 Brilliant
7:24 ToonCrafter
8:48 Fryderyk
10:40 New LLM Leaderboard
12:09 Udio Update
13:31 Perplexity Pages
15:01 ShowRunner

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